American Deer Proofing Inc.

"The Buck Stops Here"

Designed and Used by Professionals. Now available for Retail.

American Deer Proofing products safely and effectively protect plants from deer and rabbits. Our Everguard family of products stops deer and rabbits from eating plants and landscapes even during cold harsh winters when food is scarce.
Everguard Deer & Rabbit Repellent products use a unique organic based formula to effectively stop deer from browsing plants.
Our spray is designed to withstand rain & snow for a long-lasting effectiveness with fewer applications.
American Deer Proofing's Everguard Deer & Rabbit Repellent products have been field tested for proven results. Over the years of product development we have worked with area scientist and professors to accomplish the maximum in plant protection with virtually no impact on the environment.
Deer can me most destructive to landscaping and plants during the winter months when landscapers are in their slowest time of the year.
Off-set your companies down time by becoming an Everguard Deer & Rabbit Repellent Spray Contractor. Low Start-Up Cost, Consistent and Reliable Products.

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