RI Certified Horticulturist Program

The Rhode Island Certified Horticulturalist Program is a voluntary
program that:

  • Upgrades the professionalism of individuals in the nursery and landscape industries
  • Increases the education, competence and pride of nursery and landscape employees
  • Informs the public of increased industry professionalism and competence.

Why this is important for your business?

  • Use the RICH certification and added credentials in your business advertising.
  • This course and manual will provide you and your staff with best horticultural practices such as planting and pruning. It will also emphasize practices which will conserve and protect our soils and water.
  • RINLA promotes member businesses and staff on the web site and through other association advertising programs.
  • Certification promotes professional attitudes and workmanship.
  • RI•CH certification is recognized in all six New England states.
  • Your customers will appreciate working with a professional whose education and experience are certified.

How do I get certified?

  • Look for announcements of certification exams here and on the member home page. They are held 1-2 times each year.
  • Contact the RINLA office to buy a manual and use it as a study guide.
  • If you need to, take the plant identification course.
  • Pass the exam (>70% score)
  • Maintain your certification by earning 5 re-certification credits each year.
  • Click on the "RICH Certification & Training" link at the top of this page for details on classes, class registration form and recertification forms
  • Click on the link below to order a RICH training manual
    /resources/pdf/2017 RICH Manual Order Form.pdf

RICH Application for Certification

After successful completion of RICH Training and passing the RICH Certification Examination, qualified candidates can complete the Application for Certification (see below).

RICH Certification Application Form.pdf


Click on the link below for a copy of the form to record points earned in 2017 for 2018 certification:

RICH Point Form 2017 Points for 2018.pdf

If you need to catch up on your RICH certification, download the point form below to keep track of points earned during 2016 for 2017 certification:

RICH Point Form 2016 Points for 2017.pdf